Circus Skills Workshops

Chris’s Circus Skills Workshop has proved highly popular with all ages; it’s inclusive and fun! Chris believes in giving everyone the time to try things out, ‘play’, explore and learn new skills at their own pace. The circus skills Workshop promotes well-being, through a sense of real fun and achievement, in whatever way that is. Can you spin a toothbrush? Juggle scarves? Balance a peacock feather?

The Workshop provides use of a wide range of equipment, including:

• A variety of juggling balls
• Coloured juggling scarves
• Spinning plates
• Poi of various sizes.
• Diablos, large and small
• Stunt sticks
• Shaker cups
• Ball catchers
• Pedal Go’s
• Peacock feathers (for balancing)
• Toothbrushes (for spinning)
• Hoops
• Puppets (large and small)
• Face painting (on request)
• Create a clown
• Skipping ropes
• Foot stilts
• Bubbles
• balloon sculpting (on request)
– and new equipment, as it arises.