Story Telling

Why not broaden your horizons and experience story telling with a difference?

Our imaginations enable us to travel in time and space; to take on the guise of other characters – human, animal or alien; to be who we want to be in that given period of time and contained within the story,

Chris‘s drama training and experience, his interest in the creative and own imagination, provide him with a unique and rich resource to absorb and fascinate, through telling tales.

Chris. can entwine accounts of myth, legend and fable; he can weave stories on any subject or theme; his story telling involves the audience and draws them in to be part of the magic and the mystery. The possibilities are almost endless but include:

  • Telling a tale, for an audience to listen and be entertained by.
  • Involve the whole audience by using the environment, music, sound effects, props., puppets, voice, lights, imagery and improvisation.
  • Let the whole body be in on it – see it, feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it!
  • Get to know the characters who are there with you, in that space.
  • Be captured by the mood of the story – the atmosphere, tension, conflict…

So with Freedom Through Fun Decide on your destination!