The benefits of ‘growing down’ and spending time with our own ‘child within’ are many. So I hope this Workshop will give us all a chance to ‘play’, try things out that we might not have tried before, experience fun and spend time with others having fun.

Our own ‘play time’ is not only good for our own emotional well-being but enables us to understand the value of play for the children and young people we spend time with. ‘Being happy being’, means spending time in the very moments we’re in.

PLAY gives a freedom for children (and adults), that enables a healthy emotional core and a joyful attitude to living. Play gives time out from other activities.

Solitary play is a time to enjoy company with me – my Self and can give an emotional strength through life as we get older. ( As adults, we sometimes have a ‘wait’ problem! No, not the calories! We need to wait for children to discover things for themselves through play, rather than feel the need to give them our ideas.)

PLAY gives us all opportunities to be creative, to express ourselves and be better able to fulfil our potential. Play encourages imagination, memory, self-esteem, self-worth and humour. It is inclusive.

Creative play can greatly benefit our relationship with the children and young people we work with. It can develop communication in the fullest sense; social skills; movement; confidence; awareness; observation; use of the senses in the world around us.

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” Victor Borge. Laughter, which can be a part of play, is a wonderful thing, with very real benefits too. Laughter is good for our breathing, blood flow, the hormone system, mental health – in fact, it is a good, all round tonic!

Play is joy-full, enables a play- fullness which enriches and develops us. “Play, in and of itself, is one of the strongest and most valuable contributions to fulfilling the purpose of childhood and therefore deserves to be honoured”. Living Joyfully with Children, Win & Bill Sweet 1997.

Unstructured play, provides for the child a landscape of possibilities, creates wonder and excitement – I like to call it the ‘WOW!’ factor. This Workshop aims to give you ideas of ’things’ with which to paint your own ‘play landscape’, fill your own suitcase – and quite simply, enjoy a Lucky Dip!