Stress Management & Team Building

Did you know that through his Workshops, Chris provides a vibrant, fun and interactive way to manage stress?

Most of us lead far more stressful personal and working lives, than our ancestors. Life has been speeded up by technology, expectations, the media. The effect of stress can be devastating on us, physically, emotionally and mentally.

The good news is, we can learn about stress and its solution, through having fun! There is a well-known expression, “Laughter the Best Medicine” and through this unique experience, we can find out for ourselves.

Juggling, plate spinning, poi, drums and rhythm are just a taste of the vehicles Chris uses to break down the barriers and use laughter, fun and interaction to discover our own special ways to beat stress.

With a wealth of experience working in the statutory sector, as well as his current work in a wide range of settings, Chris is in a unique position to lead this positive and upbeat session. Great for Team building too!