Aiming High


Chris. Is co-ordinating the material for a new and exciting website of which ‘COMMUNIC8’ is a part.

Gemma Orpwood is the Project Manager at I.C.I.S. ( ‘Information for Life’) and is managing the project.

Its aim is to raise awareness in our communities about how we all communicate and how everyone can be included in the world around them.

Its main aim is to make a difference!

It will include:

• ‘What communication means to Me’ contributions from disabled children and young people themselves; families; people who work with others; artists & sports people.

• ‘This is Me’ – what life is like from another person’s viewpoint.

• Message Board for children & young people; Message Board for adults.

• Podcasts.

• Information about innovative and creative approaches to communication.

• Where are communication resources held in West Sussex ?

• D.V.D. s of activities for disabled children and young people.

• Ideas for connecting with others !

• Loads and loads more !!!

Do Visit for more information.

Aiming High