Preschool & Nurseries

Amongst many other activities, for seven years Chris. has provided a range of Workshops and fun sessions for Preschools and Nurseries across West Sussex. From a choice of 90 musical instruments, sounds and the human voice as starting points, children can create their own imaginative environments and stories using fabrics, tissue paper, puppets and resources that come to hand. Everything Chris. does is child led and child centred – the ideas coming from the children themselves. If the children are working to a theme, Chris. is very happy to come along with ideas and activities to match. From Space to Pirates, ‘Frozen’ to Jungle, Chris. will provide activities to stimulate the imagination and engage everyone taking part. Games, bubbles, puppets, stories, parachutes, dance, drama, bubble wrap and Charlie the Chimp – why not give Chris. a call ?



“All of the children’s needs were taken into account”.

“Lively, engaging and busy”.

“Every child could join in at the level they were comfortable with, as the morning progressed they were all joining in even those who were unsure at the beginning”.



“Made a jungle and played with puppets”.

“We did a dinosaur hunt and dancing with the fabric”.

“That big drum, we banged it, we turned it sideways and it maked a big noise”.

“I want him to come to the nursery again!”

“Thank you we loved it”.


“The children really enjoyed themselves the biggest question they asked was ‘when is Chris. coming back again?’

STOP PRESS: Chris. now has a ‘Soundbeam – an electronic musical keyboard in space – when the children to experience their effect on their surroundings…

Preschool & Nurseries